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New and here to learn

Hello everyone! Just adopted my first (not my husband's first) GSD recently. I could not wait for my husband to come home to get our dog so I went and got him without him (he's in the USAF, gone a lot). Our pups name is Jackson (male) and as far as I was told he was about a year and a half according to the Rescue. So far he has been great and I fell in love with the breed as soon as I met Jackson.

I joined the forum to seek advice when I have questions about the breed since this will be my first time with a GSD. Since bringing Jackson home I have discovered a few amazing things about him: he knows german commands (very obedient, also knows attack commands which I thought was unusual), walks/runs great on a leash (heels perfectly), loves playing fetch with tennis ball, plays nice with other dogs, and is VERY protective of me especially around men he doesn't know. The last one there worries me the most. I'm really hoping I can come up with some better ways for Jackson to meet my husband when he comes home without Jackson getting aggressive or territorial. My husband doesn't seem worried but considering Jacksons past I would rather be EXTRA CAUTIOUS. Any recommendations on the homecoming?

also, what is everyone's preference for dog food? I am a nutritionist and have been doing my research on raw dog foods. I read the ingredients of just about every brand at the grocery store and petco; most of them containing some pretty nasty ingredients. Since I myself am a vegan and feed myself quality nutrients I'd like to do the same for Jackson. No dyes, no meals, no chemical additives etc. Right now I have Jackson eating "Instinct Raw" frozen raw dog food (beef). I approved if every ingredient but just curious what kind of diets everyone else has their GSD on. I've noticed chabges immediately after switching Jackson from kibbles to raw food. No diarrhea, more energy, much glossier coat and overall better temperament. (Temperament may be associated with being in a new forever home and it was good to begin with). Let me know if there are better raw dog food plans out there! I'd love to hear!

sorry for writing an essay
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