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Ah thank you I am very excited and want to make sure I am well prepared.

I will be using the crate in my room as a bed for the puppy until she is older and can have a bed without a wall around it haha. Also, I just wanted to have something for her to hang out in during the day unlocked of course, if she wanted almost like her "den" like some people put it.

I did think about getting a second crate for upstairs but wasnt sure if it would confuse her or make crate training harder.

As for work... I work at a very small company (only 14 employees) and I wouldnt be able to leave her home alone for the first few months so I planned on taking her to work with me after taking off probably 2-3 days to get things situated at home. I am planning on getting a crate for under my desk like I would have at home for her to hang out in when she isnt running around trying to play with everyone.

We have a pretty large second floor work area that is very open and really nothing on the floor for her to destroy.

That all being said I do not think I would be able to leave her home even though I have read that potty training can be down packed fairly shortly if I work hard enough at it.
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