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I would enlist the help of someone experienced, if you want to take them on.... Caring for a horse can be a pretty daunting task for the inexperienced. If they're barefoot and healthy and you're not paying board, they're not as expensive as one would think. My mare is rather costly because she's a competitive eventing horse and needs a boatload of food, special shoes, etc. If she was barefoot and not being worked a lot, she wouldn't be that hard to take care of. The thing with horses that would make me wary as a newbie would be the first aid stuff- horses are a bizarre combination of very hardy and very accident prone. If you know of someone to teach you the basics, and you're totally committed to what a time suck it'll be, I'd say proceed. I'm a sucker for taking in unwanted horses- my mare was a retired racer most likely headed to slaughter.

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