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Location of crate

Hi everyone,

I have been snooping around here for a few months and have read a lot and learned probably almost as much as I read. I will be a proud dad of a german shepherd baby girl this summer and I have a small issue that I am worried about.

I live in a ranch with my family but have a fully finished basement that I live in personally. The stairs are on one side of the house and I live in a room on the other side of the basement. Fairly large and is great for me but I'm worried about the puppy's crate. It will be in my room right by my bed and I do hang out in my room a lot but I also frequent the rest of the house especially in the summer in the backyard/kitchen area/living room. I am worried that with the crate being so far away that my puppy won't either remember how to get to it or want to go to it because its on a whole other floor.

Also, I have read that stairs are not the best for puppies until they are a lot older. Is this going to be a problem that I live in the basement? Once again It is a fully finished basement with plush carpet all the way up the stairs.

Also the same applies to my work place. I will be taking the puppy to work with me and it is on the second floor of a building. We do have an elevator but I want to make sure that I will be able to train the puppy to tell me when its gotta go to the bathroom. Will it remember that "we need to go to the elevator because thats where the bathroom is"

I'd love to hear everyones feedback!

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