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Heavy Duty Crate for Truck Bed

Hello Shepherd Gurus!

I'm looking for advice for any information on AFFORDABLE, but sturdy crates for my truck bed. I know that it is getting warm out, and believe me I do NOT intend on leaving my dog in the crate for any extended period of time. This crate is ONLY meant for traveling purposes to keep him secure in the event of an accident. I would like something somewhat low profile and similar to this: Transport Box-Elite K-9

However, I cannot afford something with that price tag. So I have been severly limited as far as "decent" crates go. I doubt there is anything out there in my price range, but I am willing to spend around $200. Even if there is something used.

I would of course secure the crate with rachet straps and a chain as keep some crackhead from stealing it from the back of my truck.

Like I mentioned previously, I would only use this to transport my dog aroung 15-20 minutes to service dog training. If I drive home (8 hours to SC)...I would of course have him in the cab with me enjoying the nice cool AC and his delicious antler and bully sticks.

Thoughts? Suggestions?

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