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you are not likely to find a pd in Michigan that will take your dog. the people who will take your dog are bundlers who sell to labs or to fighters for bait dogs. you need to be very, very careful where this dog goes if you care at all about him. Michigan, in particular, is a hotbed of dog sales for terrible purposes. please do not be na´ve about this, it's happening every day. they send women with the men to make you believe the dog is going to a family. check everyone carefully. check vet references. personal references don't mean a thing, anyone can say anything. please protect your dog. why are you looking for a k9 home for him, is he aggressive? where are you in Michigan, please pm that info and do not post it on the open board. thanks so much for understanding and thinking seriously about what I'm saying/. it's not that easy to rehome a dog, if you care what happens to him. it's real easy if you don't.
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