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environmental hazard?

I live in a suburban neighborhood. Lately when I walk my dogs, I am seeing dead animals on the grass near the sidewalk, such as dead squirrels and birds. They don't seem to have injury, nor are they in the street. For instance, the latest one was a dead squirrel in the knot of a tree. Looked just peacefully asleep, except didn't move when Ashley sniffed it (right before I yanked her back). I wonder what is killing them and I thought of stuff all our neighbors are having their yards sprayed with. Seems like humans are always competing for the prettiest yard. (And if that sounds like sour grapes, it most likely is since I have three big dogs.) Seriously though, I have noticed more and more grass treatment trucks in the neighborhood.

Two years ago, our lab got deathy ill. We almost lossed him and even the vet never did come to certain knowledge about what was making him sick. Now I wonder about these chemicals because at that time, we were over in our neighbor's yard with the dog all the time and he loved to roll around in her grass. To take this a bit further, a few years ago, you could go all your life and never know someone with a brain tumor or on kidney dialysis, now I hear of this every day. Does anyone know exactly what the grass is being sprayed with? Does anyone think I'm crazy?
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