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Dog Reacts to Other Dogs and Some People.

I go on walks with my dog and when other people come close with their own dogs Charlie barks at them and pulls/lunges towards them. If the dog is across the street then his attention focuses in on the dog. When this happens I give as many prong collar corrections as needed to get his attention away from the dog. Am I dealing with this correctly?

Yesterday my neighbour has his grandchildren over and they were playing in their backyard. Charlie saw them and had a barking fit and started jumping around. He has this weird obsessive focus on certain things that is difficult to break. He only had on a flat collar because I was just taking him out in the backyard so he could poop.

When I'm out on walks, if someone is walking towards us on the same side walk I usually shorten the leash to pretty much nothing in case I need to make a correction. Usually in those situations he is completely fine.

So it seems like it's other dogs and children running around and making a lot of noise that gets Charlie to go into a hyper fit. How do I correct this properly.

It seems like on Mondays the local highschool has several soccer games going on in the back. I usually take him to those and make him sit. He usually sits quietly for 10 minutes, then he makes a scene by barking, crying and pulling.

I've read a lot of people on this forum talk about how GSD's are supposed to be aloof, but Charlie is everything but aloof. How do I get him to just ignore other people and dogs?

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