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So I took my dog to the vet today...

Today I took one of my dogs to the vet. He injured his right rear foot somehow late last week. I noticed him limping on it friday. By saturday morning he would not put any pressure on it and it was visibly swollen. I texted my friend who owns a veterinarian office and asked for advice and she said to let him rest for the weekend and if his foot is still bothering him on monday to take him in. This morning it was still swollen and painful so I took him in (to a different vet, my friend lives over 90 miles away) and asked for x-rays to see if there were any fractures. This is when it got slightly interesting. The vet suggested to go ahead and X-ray his hips as well. I said ok but if you are going to do his hips, I want OFA correct X-rays. Then the vet said she did not do OFAs and the individual that did the OFAs was off today and I would have to make an appointment for that. No problem so far. What she said next gave me pause. She actually said that we did not need to do the hips (she originally suggested it) because if they were not done properly we might get a false reading. Now that was interesting. It is Ok to do an x-ray that has no use as along as I am uninformed and willing to just pay for what ever they suggested.

I did let her X-ray him from the knee down and she said all was fine, no fractures were seen. I did not ask to look at them as I am not a doctor but maybe I should have because I did ask for them to be taken. I do kind of wish she could have done the OFAs though.
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