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9 week old bites my wife more than me.

I am sure this has come up ALOT but I wanted to get opinions from the members on here.

My 9 week old GSD puppy seems to bite my wife more than me. She bites my wife's legs and toes a lot and only stops when I come to tell her to stop. She doesn't seem to care much about my wife telling her "no bite" but if I come over and say it she stops and walks away. I know she loves my wife since she will follow her around the house but she follows me too. Another example is if she grabs something she's not supposed to my wife can't get her to drop it. But if I grab it and make good eye contact and give her the "drop it or release" she will let it go. My wife seems to think she has "bonded" more to her since she follows her around and nips at her legs and toes.

Basically I'm asking what you guys think. Is the puppy more bonded to my wife and wants to play with her more and doesn't look at me as "fun" even though I take her outside and walk her and run with her. I know she loves me too but I am just curious as to what you guys think is the reason she nips at my wife more than me.

Thank you for any advice or feed back.
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