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Update on Bane and his progress.

Well guys, haven't been on in about 6 months.... A lot has happened since. Bane has been working steadily at our new club since November. He just turned a year old last month. We will be getting ready for his BH (he turns 15 months 071814).

Since I've last posted, we have both improved a lot (Bane is my first working dog). Obedience is going well. Just need to work on his rearend awareness some more. Protection is spot on, he's passing a lot of club members that have been there longer than us They even sometimes give us the stink eye lol, I think it's all the hours we put in outside of training that is helping. Need to focus more on tracking, he was doing well and then I slowed down on tracking and focused on the other parts of the sport. Although I love tracking, it's pretty fun.

Anyhow, I will be back to pick everyone's brains and bug you guys lol I've learned a lot on this forum. I will leave you guys with some pictures of the last couple months.

Sorry about the quality, it's from my sunglasses camera video...
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