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Hey ya'll! First post time.
I've made a deposit on a male GSD puppy who is going to be born in 2 weeks, meaning he will be home in 10 weeks, at 8 weeks old.

He will be an indoor dog, housetrained, etc, so he will always sleep indoors. However, when he is not outside working with me (most of the time) or I have to go somewhere, or there is a workman at the home, we want to be able to put him in a run outside.

THIS WILL BE TEMPORARY. Just while he is a puppy. When fully grown, he will have full reign of our yard. The reason we want to use a run when he's little is because we have a pool, and just want to be safe until he learns how to use the stairs.

So, my questions are:

How big of a run do you guys think is nescessary for a puppy to be alone for 3-4 hours, max?

What are the best companies, materials, etc for runs, in ya'lls opinions?

What is the best flooring? I've heard a lot of mixed results. (Added question: is the best thing to do to have a shelter/house in the run, so the pup knows where to go to the bathroom?)

What is everything that should be in the run? House, potty area, water, toys, bed, etc?

And any other information you guys think would be helpful!

With much puppy-anticipation,
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