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Having a hard time teaching the retrieve

Hi everyone.

So far I have used two balls for doing obedience and little bits of heeling, fronts, prolonged downs, sits, impulse control. etc.

This is indoors or in a fenced yard. Outdoors, its been mostly food and once in a while tug on a long line.

I would really love to teach him retrieve, so on a long line I can reward with chasing a frisbee or a tug.

My problem while teaching the retrieve, is no matter which kind of material I use, he wants to keep the object and chew on it. I've tried to keep him hungry so he can be more focused on food, but no. Also all I have done so far is shaping. Point to an object and say 'take it' which he does. If I click right away, he drops it because he knows there is a treat. if I wait for him to drop it before I click, he just lies down and chews on it.

But perhaps I am going about this all wrong. This is what I saw on shaping the retrieve videos though.

A hand delivered retrieve would be nice to achieve.

Any advice for me?
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