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Behavior: Week before husband's Death

Bethsheba has been with us for 16 months, now. And though she truly was MY ideal dog, my husband, a quintessential cat-lover, grew into a fine, GSD-loving man. I have countless photos of them together o prove it.

A week prior to my husband's passing, May 2, 2014, Beth began acting like she had a UTI, spritzing like the submissive she was when we first took her from kennel life (at 11 months). In addition to this, she was foregoing their regular playing in favor of leaning on us, or looking to lick our faces and ears - completely new behavior.

On May 3rd, I took her to the vet for a full checkup and Beth couldn't be healthier.

Since she returned home on May 6th, her spritzing is all but over, though she still hasn't reached the point where she'll play our usual games.

The vet suspects that Beth's behavior may have been based on a sense of my husband's ill-health that we were unaware of.

I don't doubt that she is mourning now (she has t whimpered at all today) - but am curious to know more about what she could have known.

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