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Question Indoor activities for a high drive dog

I was looking for some advice on fun things to do with our dog indoors. She's a working line dog and when she doesn't have a "job" to do she gets a bit cranky. I feel like we've got a pretty good array of outdoor activities for her already. Outside she'll happily play fetch until she looks like she is going to drop dead, she loves to tug and she will also "such" for treats that we hide out in the yard. That along with 2-3 2 mile walks a day and hiking on the weekend seems to keep her pretty happy.

That said sometimes it's just too nasty to be outside for long (honestly she'd be perfectly happy throwing a ball in the middle of a tornado, it's us humans that don't want to be out there) and on those days where she doesn't have a good outlet she can be a bit of an annoyance. She will sit in front of us and paw at us and whine or frap around the furniture because she's bored. We don't really have room to play fetch in the house but we do hide treats around and have her scent them out and we play tug.

I've thought about pulling the cars out of the garage to give us some room to play but, I worry about the garage floor being too slick and her getting hurt. I tried the dog boots but they just roll over and don't work. We don't have a treadmill and don't have room for one. There aren't any good indoor play places near by either.

So as the oppressive heat and humidity of summer are closing in and there will likely be less time spent outside, do you guys have any ideas on other things we can do in the house to tire her out both physically and mentally?
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