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Default Exercise Poo

Beau has always been one to have stools towards the soft end but not diarrhea, We are at the point where the first morning poo which is, honestly, about 10 inches long in short pieces, is firm, dark, and does not leave a residue when picked up.

We have gotten there with digestive enzymes and probiotics.

But as we exercise or if he does scentwork or is even just outside.....he continues to produce more which is lighter in color and the point that I really cannot pick it up is like he empties it out before it has a chance to absorb the water back.

He does not seem to have ill consequences of this other than picking it up is a chore for me. I know, though, that it is not optimal. Fiber has not helped this problem (e.g. pumpkin).

There are zero signs of allergies on his skin, eyes, etc. And he is not an itchy dog.

Suggestions for this scenario. First stools hard. Soft later.

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