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Advise on what to do please

We just collected our puppy at 7 weeks old. We travelled for two hours to get him home . He previously was on dried kibble diet and his poo's have been ok solid. When we got him home and gave him two meals of puppy kibble a good premium brand ,stools have been runny.His a bit stressed out as it's a new environment to where he was and it's all new for him . We are wondering if it's the travel, stress and new puppy kibble which is making this .

Now the most important question is this . We want him to start on a pure meat raw diet and was thinking of introducing this straight away without delay from day one but this diarrhoea his got is causing us a concern .we want to give just minced soft chicken meat .i don't know with the diarrhoea we now should give him raw immediately . A raw diet breeder said we had to start somewhere . I don't want to make his diarrhoea worse . Should We wait a bit more days before the switch or should I start straight away . Please note I'm just kibble for morning and lunch and then pure raw for dinner . This is the way we like to do it so he gets both . We are never mixing kibble and raw together . Any one think we should not give raw yet or is it ok to start straight away . Please advise we are new to raw puppy feeding.

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