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Help with socializing!

So my 15 week GSD Jenna seems to bark at everyone ( which I know is normal especially in a GSD) but when the person puts their hand so she can smell them she then snaps/growls at them as if she were to bite. I don't want ppl thinking she is dangerous or anything like that I want her to have her protective instinct ( one of the reasons I love/ choose this breed) but I also want her to be friendly with ppl. Is it it one way or the other? What can i do to make her ppl friendly. Also I want her to be able to play with other dogs but every time we go to puppy training at PetsMart she starts barking at another dog when she gets close to it she will stop start sniffing it then lunge at it with her paws and start barking. I don't want ppl to think she will harm their dog I just want her to play nice. what can I do to solve this?
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