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Question E Collar for my 5 month old?

I have been wanting to allow my puppy (5 months old) some more freedom when I take him places like the dog friendly barn where I board my horse or open fields and off leash hiking trails. I feel bad that he always has to be on a leash as I don't currently have a yard. He sticks with me reliably when I have the long line on him… that is... until he sees an animal or person and that all goes out the window (LOVES meeting people… also high prey drive with cats/wild animals)! lol So I was kinda thinking about if an e-collar could be good for this purpose, just as a safety net type thing for recall so I could allow him more freedom.

I am not interested at all in using it for training or long term... I don't want to use it as a fix for any behavior problems… I would work on his recall, obedience, leash walking etc. without the e collar as usual. I just feel like right now it would improve his quality of life if he was allowed some off leash playtime, and thats the only way I can see that maybe happening in the near future.

So just wanted to hear what you all think… Is this a good or bad idea? Is he too young for it?
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