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Sick Puppy

Hello, I'm new to the forum and the proud new owner of a 13 week old German Shepherd named Rolen. The day after picking him up, we went to the vet for a check-up. During the check-up I was asked if I wanted to get him some of his required shots out of the way while I was there, so I agreed. They gave him the following: K9 Rabies, K-9 Bordetella, K9 Flea Prevention. After brining him home that day, he would not eat. The following morning while going potty, I noticed spaghetti like noodles in his #2. Great he had worms! At least the worm shot they gave him the day prior was working. I called the VET and told them of my findings. In addition to testing positive to worms in his fecal sample, they also advised me that he tested positive for parasites. They put him on: Panacur & Metronidazole.

Throughout the day he continued not eating. I called the vet and voiced my concern with the puppy not eating ever since visiting the vet's office.

They advised me to bring him in to make sure he wasn't have an allergic reaction to the shots.

While at the office, they gave me a prescription for Carafate to help sooth his stomach. Also while at the VET ( I was advised that they should have never given him that many shots at one time. They said it basically overloaded his body).

The doctor also stated that I could feed him chicken and rice while he fought to get rid of these problems.

The first meal, he ate all the chicken rice and a small cup full of his dog food. The 2nd meal, he only ate the chicken and left everything else. I'm concerned that if I feed him chicken and rice too long, then he won't touch the dog food. The next day, I tried pouring some low sodium chicken broth on his dog food. He drank the broth and left the food lay. I then tried chicken baby food, again he licked the baby food off his dog food and then left.

My question is: are these meds suppressing his appetite? He seems to have no energy and sleeps a lot. Granted I know puppies like to sleep but it seems as though I have to coax him to come outside and chase the ball. I'm also afraid that buy feeding him the chicken and rice, he may not be getting the proper nutrients he needs while in his growing puppy stage. What other items could I give him that would be nutritious and easy on his stomach until he's off the meds?

Sorry for the long post & thanks for any suggestions
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