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This is a pretty common experience and should be addressed by your contract. You don't get mad at the breeder for it and hopefully you will get a partial refund. There is nothing special about SG ranked parents and paying $1000. That is not an expensive pup as far as GSDs go.

You need to have the retained testicle removed within a couple of years and you should not breed the dog. It is a recessive gene that pops up if both parents are carriers.

It is a "big deal" to the owner in that the surgery is more expensive than a routine spay.

What are you going to do if the puppy has bad hips or elbows? Other things that are not 100% preventable.

Wolfy Dog, I do have to agree with you though. Given the expense of surgical neutering it is a legitimate problem. It would seem an easy thing to screen for. At least people should know with a given stud /dam that it is a possibilty. Of course if you chose to only breed dogs without imperfections, the gene pool would really shrink up.

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