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Default Cat and pup play fighting

My cat and dog have seemed to take a liking to each other. The past few days the dog (who is about the same size as the cat for now) has been chasing the cat around, and it seems to have been all in good fun. The cat would come back and antagonize the dog so it seems to be mutual play. Yesterday they started to get a little more rough, but if one of them yelped they would stop. The cat hasn't been using his claws or anything, but now he will sneak up on the dog and bite the back of his neck and pin him to the ground. The dog doesn't seem to mind, he even acts like he enjoys it, but it just seems kind of violent? They are still stopping whenever one yelps, and it seems to be more of a show than anything. Neither of them have gotten hurt. Should I separate them when they do this? Or is it ok to let them play like that?
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