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SIBO, Tylan, our food, our journey

Bandit is now 18 months old and finally starting to put on weight !!
From 8 weeks to about 10 months we had undiagnosed GI issues- thanks to this forum and countless hours of research and knowing my dog - I decided to forgo a biopsy and treat with Tylan- our miracle in a bottle-
I am a huge supporter of raw feeding however my GSD is allergic to chicken beef lamb turkey venison duck- infact the only food he tolerates well and thrives on is FISH based foods so I switched him to Honest Kitchen Zeal and his stool immediately improved - that was last Sept.

Fast forward a few months- what I've realized is Bandit can not digest actual KIBBLE pieces bc of the damage done to his mucosal system and intestines caused by the SIBO.

I am treating that with Phytomucil and Grizzly salmon fish oil.

Brain storm- My dog can eat wet food no problems- honest kitchen, canned wellness ocean core... hmmmm what if I grind up his kibble and prepare it the same way I do his raw dehydrated??? VOILA!!! At $105 a box of ZEAL that lasts 10 days over the past month we have successfully transitioned him
Into ground INNOVA TABLE FISH FORMULA GRAIN FREE- ground to a fine powder in my NutriBullet- and I use Honest kitchens preference base to mix it in with.

B12 shots
Phytomucil before meals, Tylan 1/8 tsp w breakfast and dinner, Proviable DC probiotcs w lunch- and a pump of grizzly salmon oil w each meal- firm stools- 2.4 lb weight gain this week bc he was only 64 lbs 2 weeks ago when we started the b12 and now he is 66.4 !!!!

Natural healing and a little research ok- A LOT of research- and you fine people here for all the GSD undiagnosed diarrhea boards- Bandit tested negative dr EPI over a year ago and I was at a loss- for those of you whose dogs don't seem to tolerate KIBBLE no matter what you try- Tylan is available from fosters and smith at $55 a bottle- and although it's somewhat annoying to be grinding kibble 3 times a day- it sure beats a $neverending vet bill and a happy healthy dog is priceless!!!!
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