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You own my soul

It has been 7 months almost to the day since I lost you.

I still cry myself to sleep, and every morning my heart breaks again when my sleepy hand finds your empty bed. I have good days, and bad ones. The reality of your loss hits me at strange times.
I cannot believe I ever thought I didn't want you. I am so eternally grateful that you knew better, that you never gave up on me. Wait for me beautiful, until we walk together again.

Sabi was the bravest dog I ever met. In every way that counted she was the ultimate dog. When I brought her home for my husband, a tiny six week old puppy with ancient eyes, she waged an all out battle for possession of my heart. She won. She was mine heart and soul to the day she died, and I was hers. Saboteur, my beautiful warrior. Unfailing work ethic, unwavering loyalty, unstoppable heart.
I tried to save her, I really did. I would have done anything, given anything for just a few weeks, days, minutes more. She saved my life, she never failed me and in the end there was nothing I could do but hold her. I still feel her presence, but I cannot see her or touch her and it is the loss of that that shreds my heart.

Not one day goes by that I don't miss her desperately. I hear people talking about their heart dogs and I smile, Sabi owns my soul.
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