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House Breaking Puppy from Apartment

I have a very long flight of stairs to the first floor entrance of my flat.

As a result, I have to carry my puppy down the stairs to take her outside to potty.

It's been 8 days so far and she still doesn't give me "signs" that she wants to go outside the potty. She has peed on my floor 5-6 times as well as most recently on my rug. I cleaned them all with special odor removing cleaners.

When I do take her out, she appears to be learning that "go to potty" means to poo/pee, and she usually complies when asked. If she knows I have treats, she complies much more easily :-)

How much longer will this go on for? At this point, it seems like she will never learn and it's making me tired, exhausted, and slightly depressed.

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