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Unhappy Extremely shy dog help!

I just purchased a GSD, and he is 10 months old.
He hasn't had much training, and hadn't been on a leash before.
I picked him up a few days ago, and at first meeting he seemed to be a very happy excited dog and that's what made me decide to get him.
He was fine the first night, but now he's extremely fearful.
When I walk up to him he lets me pet him for a second, and then runs back into his dog house. I practically have to drag him out of it to take him for a walk. (he's getting better on leash.)

I've tried using treats as bribes for him, but he doesn't eat them. He eats his dog food, but only when I'm not looking.

I've done nothing but try to interact and show him that he shouldn't be afraid of me. It really makes me upset to have to force him out of his dog house, but nothing else works, and he acts better once outside...

I'm unsure what to do... he's only been here a few days, but I was hoping he would start warming up to me more. Should I bring him inside with me?
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