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Crate Training Question

Hello! New here to the forum and and a proud new owner of a 13 week old male German Shepherd named "Rolen". Quick question regarding crate training.

Prior to bringing home my Puppy, I purchased a large all metal cage for his crate. This one you cannot block off to slowly make it bigger, but I do have a small crate (same metal style) for him when he's younger. Question is....I slowly tried to introduce him to it, put his food in it, he slowly walked in and began eating. Next day when I wanted to get a shower, puppy was placed in his cage. Immedialtey, I heard the normal barking/howling etc. I ignored it for several minutes. As I walked by to go upstairs, I couldn't help but notice my puppy vigorously scratching at the metal bars and wedging his mouth between the bars biting and pulling up. These bars are not very strong where the bottom of the cage meets the door, which is where he was biting. I let him out immediately because I was concerned that if let go for an extended amount of time, he could easily hurt his mouth, paws or cut himself on the metal if it became broken of loose. I was also concerned about him getting his snout stuck between the bars.

I have had him for 4 days now, and every night he's slept quietly on his doggie bed, next to my bed on the floor. I know he needs to be crate trained because when I need to leave the house, he needs to be contained (at least while he's a puppy).

Curious what brand cage/kennel does everyone like to use, Metal, Plastic etc? Any brand names or styles would be greatly appreciated!


Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Thank You.
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