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Puppy Gets Car Sick

Hello! New here to the forum and and a proud new owner of a 13 week old male German Shepherd named "Rolen". Looking for possible suggestion on how to help me with this problem.

Shortly after loading Rolen in the car after picking him up, he began to drool like crazy and ultimately threw up in the car. Ok, I was thinking no big deal. Then the following day coming home from the Vets office, same thing, he began drooling and then threw up. This has happened all 3 times he's been in the car. Curious about if anyone else has experienced this.

Could it because his ears are not fully developed yet and it's throwing off his equilibrium?

Today, I tried to walk him around the car to slowly introduce him to it, but he doesn't want to get very close now.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Thank You.
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