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Breeder in CO/ West

My husband and I are looking for a working line breeder in the Colorado or surrounding states. I am interested in training in Schutzhund and dabbling in agility and search and rescue. I am beginning my career as a dog trainer and looking for a partner to work and learn with me. The most important thing to me is a stable dog that I can live with. I have young nieces and nephews and will be starting a family of my own within the dogs lifetime. I want a high drive dog that is intelligent and willing to work. I don't need a winning dog, just a dog willing to work and train with me all day and then come home and be apart of the family. The only working line breeder I found in this area told me his dogs wouldn't be stable living with me and being around friends and family and being trained in Schutzund... I would particularly love to hear suggestions of a breeder you own a dog from. Thanks!!
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