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Is my puppy getting wild?

My sweet puppy who is now 9 weeks old is exhibiting annoying and worrying behavior -- is this normal?

1. She bites my toes, pant leg, sofa, chairs, shoes, etc. on a regular basis whenever she gets overly excited. Over and over again I say no, try to re-direct to another object, to no avail. I push her away from the furniture, yelp loudly when she bites my toes, removed myself from her when she tries to bite me, and have even tried to growl at her while grabbing her scruff. None of it seems to work.

2. Today she bit two visiting friends on their toes. Not a real bite but enough to sting. She then barked at them.

3. She growled a bit and barked at me today when I was giving food slowly out of my hand.

On the other hand, if I take her out for a walk, she just stops walking whenever someone walks by or a loud car passes and refuses to budge. She looks scared at times. I have to carry her.

Is this all normal or am I doing something wrong?
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