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Originally Posted by LoveEcho View Post
My dog went through something similar- only his front paws, not his back, same sort of thing. Turns out it was an allergy (he's allergic to grass fungus, among other things... any sort of fertilizer, lawn care product, road salt, etc makes his feet get like that). He did the same thing- first time around he nearly chewed his pads off, but the recurring bouts of it he rarely touched them. I would recommend bringing him to a dermatologist- we struggled for so long with our guy's skin issues, and a dermatologist was MUCH more efficient (and cost-effective, in the long run) at ID'ing rashes and dealing with them. I hope you guys get to the bottom of it and that he feels better
How did you go about finding a dermatologist and setting up an appointment for your guy? Interesting that you mention road salt, because one of the flare-ups happened right after a huge snow storm, when the roads were salted. We thought that the salt might have been involved, but we couldn't make the connection because for the past few times, clearly there is no salt on the roads.

What treatment do you do for your guy?
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