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Obsessive Behavior

I read a lot of threads on here and I can't help but wonder. Is all the "obsessive behavior" on here really so much the dog being obsessive or the owner obsessing over the dogs behavior? In cases where the dog isn't hurting himself, i.e. chewing him/herself raw is this behavior really so bad or do some owners overreact?

1. Tail chasing. We know that this could be bad if the dog starts to hurt themselves. However if the dog simply enjoys chasing it's tail, is it really so bad?

2. Licking. Ok, so the dog licks the floor. After ruling out medical issues, is it really such a huge deal?

3. Eating bad things. If what the dog is doing is causing them physical harm obviously it's an issue. Otherwise what is the hang up other than not wanting the dog to lick you?

4. Chasing light. Really? Does it shorten the dogs life if he/she enjoys chasing laser light, reflections, or an other light? No. At least not as far as I have seen proven.

Not trying to belittle anything serious but I have to wonder. Are the hang ups about our dogs supposed OB really about the dog? Or do we just have too much of a jaded perception of the world and so high expectations that we can't allow our dogs to just be dogs?

When did we start putting such high expectations on our dogs when we fail to meet societies expectations of us? Even if we don't fail, why should we ever expect our dogs to be held to such high standards?

Living vicariously through the dog? Being a worry wart? Or just wanting to bring out the best in the dog with absolutely no worries if they fail?

Just wondering where we fall in this. I for one have to admit that I feel like a failure sometimes and feel that if I can bring out the best in my dog it will make me feel like less of a failure.

I don't worry about supposed OB. I let him be a dog as he lets me be a human.

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