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possible seperation anxiety?

Hi everyone,

I have a 4 year old female, who I adopted around 4 months ago.

The previous owner owned his own bike shop, and so Sadie was able to go to work with him most days and just slept and wandered around the shop.

Problem is, that both my wife and I work full time and are out of the house all day. Neither my wife or I are in a position to take Sadie to work with us.

Growing up with german shepherds, every one of our dogs, only ever one at a time, had no problems being outside during the day while everyone in the household was at work/school. My parents current shepherd has no problems outside all day, just roaming the yard, playing etc.

Sadie however, cannot deal with it. Initially, she was finding ways to get out of the yard. Even to the point where she was scratching herself, in the process of squeezing through small holes etc to get out. I think I have fixed the problems with the fencing in our yard, but I don't trust her enough as she has forced and broken her way out too many times. (luckily each time she has returned herself, or we have been called to come get her from neighbours).

So we currently have her on a reasonably long chain, so she has a good available area, access to her kennel etc. Except we regularly come home and she has tipped her kennel over or chewed anything within reach that she can get hold of. (all things she isn't meant to chew, she has a few toys within the reach of her chain, but ignores them)

She was comfortable for a few weeks inside while we were out, however she recently had a couple of destructive days inside, so now has to be outside again. I don't like chaining her up, and would prefer her to be able to roam the yard. However im not sure how to best look at fixing this. I have left a bone, and a kong with food in it, and she hardly touches them until she is let off the chain.

I should also add that she is currently getting a walk in the morning, as well as training on that walk, and training of a night time, so she should be reasonably stimulated. Days we are at home and have the same routine, she will sleep all day inside or out, as long as we are home.

The other thing I should add is that when we are at home, she will stay in the yard with the gate open, and not even bother trying to get out. She is more interested in what we are doing and enjoys hanging around with us, which is great. But I would prefer her to be less interested in what we are doing at home, and more interested in staying in the yard. The gate is rarely open and left open. but on the occasions it has been she hasn't left.

Obviously there is an adjustment period, but 4 months in I would assume she might be starting to get better. I have tried making the yard a fun place, we always train in the yard, she gets bones In the yard, and we play in the yard. Its also plenty big enough as we are on a double block.

I would also like to point out that if your response is going to be, 'you shouldn't have a dog if you aren't going to be home during the day' then I don't want to hear from you.
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