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Dog Aggression/Shepherd Mix -Please Help! Very Urgent!

Hello! Let me start off by saying that I am NOT very knowledgeable of training techniques and I'm obviously failing my dog in some way because of how she is reacting. Any HELP would be greatly appreciated.

I adopted Lucille when she was one year old from a high kill shelter in Kansas. When I volunteered to run the dogs at the shelter, she never showed aggression. After I adopted her, she totally changed.

Lucille's aggression started presenting itself after I adopted her. She would lunge at bicycles, trucks, cars, semis, etc. She spins circles, snarls, barks, and lunges. I used to run her all of the time and this would never change. Unfortunately, her aggression issues have been worsening. We have worked with two separate trainers who were focused on her behavior. Both were fearful that she would not ever be able to be near other dogs.

Her aggression then progressed on to lunging towards runners. I can hardly control her when there are other dogs in the vicinity. This evening she nearly attacked a couple and their dog while they were out walking.

I work with her 5-7 times a day in about 10 minute increments when we go outside so that she can go to the bathroom. The trainers suggested trying to get her used to situations in which she was near distractions and utilize high value treats. They suggested that we go to a parking lot, such as wal-mart, walk to the edge of the parking lot, farthest away and give her high value treats for ignoring the commotion. If she did well in that area, they suggested we move a bit closer the next day. We have done this for quite some time and we have never gotten anywhere near the door. In fact, we never progressed towards the door at all. The trainer, here in Florida, wasn't even able to get within 6 feet of her at our sessions before she started this behavior.

She sits before meals. She walks on a 6' lead with a choke collar. Generally she stays right next to my right side.

She is 3 years old now and the place that we are being sent has a zero tolerance policy on aggressive behavior. Our move is set for mid-June. I realize that this isn't enough time to correct her issues, but why are they worsening? Why isn't the training working. I need help so that I can help HER. Thank you in advance.
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