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Puppy won't eat by itself!

I have a 14 week old GSD and amongst the 1001 things I'm trying to train her to do (ie. potty training, biting, ect) i can't get her to sit and eat a meal unless i'm there. Its a roll of the dice, in the mornings she "usually" eats everything with no problem even if i leave to go to another room but for lunch and dinner forget it if i'm lucky she will eat 3/4 of the food without me having to grab the bowl and remind her she left some..she ends up eating it after i do that which means she is still hungry but if i don't she will go and lay down in the corner of the kitchen or go find a toy or something...i know i've been told told to take the food away so she learns but it kills me. Her feeding schedule is 6am 12pm and 6pm . the other day i put the food down at 6 and she didn't even taste it. I got upset and took the food away but i couldn't take it and at 8pm tried giving it to her again. is it bad for her to miss a meal, i'm scared she will make it a habit to skip meals. i feed her Wellness Core Puppy with a little bit of wet food (half a teaspoon) mixed in. Im not sure what to do?
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