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Originally Posted by Usmccasper View Post
what is tehther training?!
There are many articles on it if you google, but basically you tether the puppy to you(i just use a leash) so that way you can catch them before they eliminate in the house. Some say to tether the puppy to something in your home. It works great for potty training..I have used it with a 5 pound stubborn toy breed puppy(super hard to house train) and he got the hang of it quick and had no more accidents in the house. It can be very annoying with them tied to you but it reduces the chance of an accident happening almost by 100%. It takes 5 seconds for a puppy to go chew up something they arent supposed to, or to have an accident on your floor. Tethering is the only way to have a hawks eye watch on them ad be able to catch them before they do something inappropriate.

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