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I am at my wits end!!!!!

I have been at his for 5 weeks now and for the life of me i cannot get my 14 week old GSD potty trained. She holds it in side the crate but cant hold it for 2 mins inside the house i take her out 15-20 mins after she eats, first thing in the morning, right after we play. I even had her in the crate and would ONLY let her out to play outside, eat, and go to the bathroom to see if maybe she gets the concept. Ive heard of dogs going hours inside the house while the owners at work (i know her bladder is small) and NO ACCIDENTS but she can't even hold it for 10 mins. Ive heard she should be trained in 2 weeks TOPS!. Its been 5 WEEKS and she just peed by the door. She associates the door with the bathroom but wont hold it long enough for me to open the thing. I am SO frustrated. Is this normal? Am i doing something wrong?
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