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Dealing with older parents

My mom will be seventy next week, and my dad is 2 years older.

Mom is a cancer survivor, and she got Cujo, and Dad came to love Cujo, but since he as passed, he doesn't want any more dogs. Mom's eye has been having trouble for the last couple of years, and she has had a couple of operations.

Mom loves dogs. Rarely, I will bring puppies over for mom to pet and hold, and as rarely, I will bring an adult dog or an older pup for her to pet for a few minutes.

Mom enjoys this.

Dad gets crazy. Today I let her see Karma for less than 5 minutes. Dad says not to bring any dog over ever. They are worried about her eye getting re-infected.

So, would you listen to your dad and cut your mom off? It is seriously about 3 to 5 times a year I bring a dog or pup over.

Mom wants a dog. Dad does not. Until mom's eye gets better I think it is unlikely.

How do you measure both people and respect both people's wishes?

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