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Default Poop consistency

Hans had very good poops in the beginning (say from 8-11 weeks), and for the 7-8 weeks since then it is always the same situation: poops twice a day, almost same time on schedule, first come out two perfect logs, then he "finishes it off" with a small pile of pudding on top.

He is eating Merrick Grain Free (though his poop was like this on every one of the 4 kibbles we've tried and the same when we gave him canned Merrick or raw). He's better on Merrick than the others, especially Orijen which gave him pretty serious squirts. If I give him pumpking it improves it a bit but not 100%.

His poop has been checked multiple times for parasites, bacteria, etc - nothing. He is healthy as an ox, really thriving and looks great (weighed in at 40 lbs at 18 weeks), not lethargic at all, in fact crazy energetic. He doesn't have a huge urgency to poop and always poops in one spot (rather than squatting all around the yard like dogs do when they have real diarrhea).

Should I try some kind of dog probiotics? Any recommendations? I myself have been on probiotics for years due to an intestinal imbalance so maybe he just takes after me, haha.
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