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Advice On 4 Y/O GSD Settling In

Background: The lady that had him before me, older woman. She kept him as an outside dog, specifically for guarding. When I took him into my care(he's 4YO), I noticed he hasn't been groomed in forever. Took 3 hours of brushing to get most of the dead hair off, then we took at nice shower, and it was crazy how black the water was that came off. His teeth weren't in the best shape, with his back teeth having tartar build up. A few days later and they are looking better with brushing, and Denta-Stix.

Also, he had some anxiety with going into stores like Petco, Petsmart, and Home Depot whilst trying to socialize. He's gotten much better though. I've also taken him to the dog park. He doesn't play so much. He sniffs around, marks his territory, and just wants every one to pet him. He does seem to be the dominant male, some dogs will rush in barking like crazy but when they get to him, stop immediately.

Ontop of all that, he is untrained. Yes he is house broken, thank goodness, but with other commands like sit, stay, lay down, come, he was a novice. With 3 days work, he understands them all.

Another thing I wanted to mention is he has low ball & prey drive. Only way to motivate right now is doggie treats.

So here is where my question comes in, he is a working line GSD, of DDR Bloodline(looking for his pedigree). I understand that they have low ball and prey drive, is there anything I can do to increase it? Am I expecting to much from this guy at the moment considering all? He hadn't barked yet, just small whimpers. Any advice would be helpful.

If you know of any places to train, I live in Kennesaw, GA. I'm more looking for an experienced GSD trainer, as for basic commands and heels I can teach him myself.
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