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My aggressive puppy

Jenna is 14 weeks old and when I first got her (at 9weeks) she was super friendly. I mean she barked at you if you came near, but once you let her smell you she melted and would start kissing you and wanting to play. Now she will bark at you and then smell your hand and continue barking and growling. I have two boys (5 and 7) and she gets along fine with them. I am house training her with a crate and would let her out for too long and she would have too many accidents. So I decided that for one week she would be in the crate and I would only let her out to eat, go to the bathroom, and to exercise; other than that she is in the crate. I don't know if maybe this new method of mine of keeping her in the crate has triggered her aggression. Please if anyone has advice or input i would love to hear from you.
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