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How Long to Crate Train?

sorry if this has been asked before. i did an advanced search for threads only with the words "crate train long" and got no results.

how long does everyone crate train for? the trainer we use says 2 years. even when fully potty trained and no chance of tearing anything up. his reasoning is they will become dominant if not in the crate and there's a chance of the dogs attacking you in your sleep. i dunno, sounds silly to us. wife and i go against his advice and just keep the dogs loose in the bedroom with the door closed when we sleep. 1 is 1.5 years and the other is 4.5 months. we have never had a problem. we kept the little one in the crate at night 'till we were sure he was fully potty trained.

we still use the crate for time outs and that's it. so just curious what everyone else does.

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