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A few questions about how to train 10 month old.

Hello all, I have recently adopted a 10 month old GSD which has been a outdoor with little to no training. I have started to teach him a few tricks such as come, sit and reward good behaviour with treats, pats and good praise. But I'm struggling with how to discipline him when he does something wrong? When I catch him doing something wrong I say no in a firm tone and to leave it, to which he will either come to me and receive a reward, then he goes straight back to what he is doing to which I have to repeat myself. Or he wanders away for 5 steps then he is straight back to being naughty again. He has also ripped up his bed aswell as a blanket we have given him during the day even after putting all of his toys outside.? I have not been able to hang clothes outside to dry as I am worried he will tear them to shreds is there a way to stop the problem before it gets really bad ?
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