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Question about ears

Hello everyone, I am a new purebred German shepherd owner, I had a German shepherd/Malamute mix who passed away in October she was 14.... I am new to the purebred world and I have a question about my 5 1/2 month old puppy "Rocco".

I have a question about his left ear. Here is a picture I snapped just now. I caught him at a decent moment but its usually the base is up but the tip flops. The breeder explained that his ears standing are tied into his teething. He's definitely still teething, I can see signs of it, swollen gums, blood, etc.

The breeder told us about a mold that could "help" his ear up but she said we can't do it to soon or too late. I'm wondering if i am in the too soon category the breeder said wait 10 more days, I guess I am just a little nervous I don't want to miss the boat. Has anyone else had this dilemma??

Thank you.

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