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Switching foods, need advice.

Hey all,

I got a GSD from my buddy who had to get rid of him. Hes 14 months old and his name is ghost.

They have been feeding him purina puppy chow up to this point.

They gave me a small amount to hold him over until I buy him some food.

I am almost out and having been doing some research on food. I am considering changing him to adult food and have some questions regarding it.

(Don't worry its going to be a recommended brand )

He has been with me for almost 2 weeks now.

1. Would you agree with my decision to switch to adult chow? He does seem a bit lean yet, ribs poking out a bit more then i think is recommended, but is quite large frame, however I don't have a weight on him currently.

2.Would I just supplement with a bit larger amount of adult food until a healthy weight is maintained? He took 2 days to start eating again, likely from moving stress which caused him to be a bit skinnier then the previous owners remembered him.

I have also been feeding a moderate amount of food, perhaps not enough.

3. Should I buy a small bag of purina puppy chow to gradually mix in whichever food i change him to? Or will just changing it be ok?

Any other advice?

Heres some pictures for reference:

Thanks for reading!
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