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Yep, he's already seen the vet and was all clear. The vet was telling me that he's just being "funny about his business" and said he's A-okay, just that it's gas due to new food without a transition period. Stool was clear, no blood, or mucous, or worms/parasites.

I'm still keeping a close eye on him because he was eating and throwing up grass. He's happy now and less anxious and started eating again.

Just an insecure pooper, so I will start with training in different enclosed areas with the 15ft lead. He's such as mess lol.

I swear, I was this . Close to giving him an enema because I thought he could've been constipated because he refused to poop for 24-30 hours. I worked at a vets office for several years so I have experienced some very odd situations with pets! However, because everything else was ruled out I was starting to get nervous! I tend to go into panic over-drive when it's my own pets lol.
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