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Originally Posted by Zeeva View Post
Yup!!! You're right about dobbies and rotties being high alert guard dogs. I can't handle their slobber though. And the ones I know are even more anxious and cooky than Zeeva. IMO they also require a bit harsher hand than a GSD (not that I'm looking to get another dog)...So their nothing like a GSD in other aspects. Right...?
My cousin's Rottweiler was absolutely disgusting, ICK! Drool everywhere, farted all the time, messy, stinky dog. BLECK!

I think the GSD is the best breed in the world but that is pretty much based off of my GSD. He is a terrific dog and everything I ever wanted so I think that is the best breed but Dalmatians are my 2nd favorite and Dobermans are my 3rd favorite. I would like to get a female Doberman in the future.

IMO all 3 are very intelligent breeds, they all require a good amount of exercise although Dobies and Dals often require more exercise than a GSD, they were all bred for the purpose of guarding whether it was sheep, horses, stage coaches, equipment or people. They all have a strong bonding instinct with their people, all 3 are velco breeds that need to be wherever you are and all 3 are powerful breeds.

When my friend and I get our dogs together it is the perfect pack, 2 Dobermans, a GSD and a Dalmatian. They are great together.


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