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He won't/can't poop?

Okay, so I recently acquired a rescue GSD about 5 days ago. He's a big, healthy 2 year old male. For the first two days he wouldn't touch anything to eat, not even cookies (treats). I figured it was just due to stress and a new environment, so gave him a few days to adjust. Well, he finally started eating and will now gladly take cookies. Now, he eats about 2 cups of his food a day before he gets full, although the amount he eats slowly increases each meal, until today.

He barely touched his food today, but he drinks plenty of water and is not lethargic, just anxious. I noticed that he wouldn't poop or pee while on a lead, but only in the back yard. I have been working with him so that he learns it's okay to poop on a lead and while not in the back yard.

I can hear his stomach gurgle and growl and he acts anxious and whiny which seems to be out of character for him. He just seems antsy because he needs to poop, but he refuses to! I just took him out front on his lead and he squatted down twice to poo (yay!!), but nothing but gas came out. He still looks and feels bloated at the back of his abdomen, so I know it's in there! He hasn't been out back today, but I will be taking him out back in about 30 minutes to see what happens. I know he's just playing the stubborn card...

Could he just have a bad case of gas?? Or do I have a paranoid pooper on my hands? Or has anyone else experienced this? I have read about bloat and now I'm paranoid!

(NOTE: I had to start him on what I assume to be new food for him because I can't get in contact with his old owners to see what he was eating with them, so I know he's having tummy issues due to the immediate switch.)
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