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I must admit I feel a little hurt.....

We've had Finnick for almost 4 weeks now it's going very well, apart from the normal puppy biting etc! That's still being taken care of lol

I just wonder sometimes if my love for Finnick is reciprocated? I mean, he definitely likes me...he sits on my lap and gives me kisses (and puppy bites) but he never gets overly excited when i've been gone and come back. I just get a little tail wag and short greet. Earlier today, my neighbor came in to visit us.....well, I have NEVER seen Finnick so ecstatically happy to see someone, his whole body was wagging along with his tail and he was just oozing excitement! He couldn't control himself! Don't get me wrong - I absolutely LOVE that he is happy with strangers and is so accepting of them, he let's everyone stroke and talk to him including children, which he sits very nicely so they can pet him, but I can't help but feel a little hurt....I know it's stupid!!

I just don't get any of this excitement for me is it because a stranger gives him pure attention and I am the one who is in charge and punishes him (time outs when needed etc) and he knows not to push me. Or is ist just that he likes everyone else far much more than me? We play with each other plenty and I take him on his daily walks and do his daily training. We spend all the time together!!

I am currently at home all the time with him, so maybe when I go for a little while and come back it's not so exciting because he's with me all the time anyway? I'm boring lol.

Is this normal? Is it still because he's young? I think we've definitely bonded but I just can't help but feel i'm him least favorite person

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