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Is there any other breed like a GSD?

I'm not keen on the phylogenetic of K9s...

All I know is that there are northern breeds like huskies and malamutes and Eskimo dogs and maybe Akitas (?) which are similar in temperament; only because I've got a husky...

I know (I think?) that labs and goldens are similar in temperament...

Is there any other breed that is similar in temperament to a GSD?

Or is this question kind of irrelevant because GSDs come in so many different temperaments? Furthermore, this question may be irrelevant because maybe all breeds have a standard temperament that isn't matched by another breed?

Maybe when I mean temperament, I mean the standard.

The one thing I guess I want to know, is if there are other breeds that have the guarding/alerting behavior? My husky (again, I think) and most northern breeds don't have this trait.
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